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Eight out of 10 Americans have weight problems. Thatís why every time you turn on the TV you are assaulted with ads for miracle weight loss products. Weight loss is a multibillion dollar a year industry and pharmaceutical companies are cashing in on the demand by introducing new pills and supplements every day. These pills come with all kinds of promises of making people slimmer and improving their appearance. Many of these are so strong and have such serious potential side effects that they require a prescription to purchase them. And the over the counter ones are even worse. Most of them are unregulated by the FDA and bypass what little control there may be by calling themselves food supplements. The fact is, they are made up of strong chemical formulations. While some of these pills and supplements may help in weight loss, the long term effects of taking them can be serious and lead to medical problems that can affect the quality of life.

Even many seemingly safe herbal weight loss pills can do more harm than good. Hoodia is a well known herbal diet pill that is becoming very popular. But the lack of published research on its effectiveness and possible long term health effects is worrying. Little safety testing has been done so far. There are indications that Hoodia can affect liver function, which is serious in itself. When added to the effect this may have on other medications that may be consumed, the dangers cannot be ignored. Hoodia is also thought to trick the brain about the bodyís blood sugar requirements. This can cause the levels to drop very low which can have serious consequences for both diabetes patient and those with normal health.

Guarana is a plant that grows in the Amazon rainforest. Its seeds have double the caffeine content of a coffee bean. It works by raising energy levels so that calories are burned. But there is a danger of over stimulation of the central nervous system that could result in anxiety attacks and palpitations.

Allis is another popular diet supplement but the company itself says that diet change and control are required before beginning the program. And consuming over 15 grams of fat per day can cause gas and bowel movement problems.

Are these risks and complications worthwhile? Losing excess weight is good but losing it in an unhealthy manner is not. YoungYou is an FDA registered company that produces and markets proven, safe and effective organic weight loss pills and supplements. The Slimbionic Slimming Capsules that the company markets works as a fat burner and appetite suppressant in rolled into one. Made of 100% natural herbs it has none of the potential dangers to the liver, kidneys, cardiovascular and nervous system that other weight loss pills do. Not only is Slimbionic safer than other options, tests indicate that it is a far more effective fat burner that Hoodia. When combined with a well balanced (not starvation) diet and a reasonable exercise regime, Slimbionic works to effectively reduce weight by increasing fat burn, boosting energy levels so that more calories are consumed, and suppressing the appetite so that compensatory overeating is controlled. Slimbionic Slimming Capsules put you in control of your body and enable you to lose weight without risking your health or putting you on a starvation diet that stresses your mind and body.

Those who dislike taking capsules can opt for Slimbionic Slimming Tea which contains herbs that have been used in Asia for thousands of years to help in fat reduction. One to three pleasant cups of this tea a day will increase your energy levels and help in weight loss. Slimbionic Capsules and Tea may be taken together with no danger of any side effects.

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