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CUSTOMER CARE: (818) 344-3344
TOLL FREE:(877) 496-8649
CUSTOMER CARE: (818) 344-3344 - TOLL FREE:(877) 496-8649
CUSTOMER CARE: (818) 344-3344
TOLL FREE:(877) 496-8649
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We at YoungYou understand the challenges and frustrations faced by dieters.

As part of a comprehensive weight loss strategy, we offer a number of powerful dietary supplements which lead to rapid weight loss for dieters who are struggling with this problem, especially those over thirty years old. These diet pills are safe, all-natural, and proven highly effective in losing excess pounds.

We invite you to put our products to the test and see for yourself, and then post your review. Please send us your before and after photos, so that we can post them next to your review, and share your success story with others. We love hearing from our clients!

I lost weight with YoungYou Weight Loss Pills!
Thank you, Young You Weight Loss Center!

I Finally did it!
I tried everything but nothing worked. Then, a friend told me about One Weight Loss Pill. I tried it and it was amazing. I feel great. Thank you, Young You!

I just wanted to look my best on wedding day and I did!
3 of these pics are from before i was introduced to One Weight Loss Pill... but i used it for a few months before my wedding in 2007. It was great, i just wanted to look my best on wedding day and i did! i was so happy with the results.

- Misty

Hello I just wanted to let you all know for those who are reading the testimonials I have been trying to loose weight for the past 12 yrs !!! I tried it all I just made a desicion that after I got my tubes tied and wont have any more kids I had to try something that really worked I tried One Weight Loss Pill and this stuff really works!!!!!!!! I hope that someone belives in the testimonials I know I belive in my own

Rima. When I started taking One Weight Loss Pill, I noticed a difference right away.
My weight was going up and down thru the years. I like to exercise and eat healthy. But when I turned 40 I realized that iti??s not enough to keep the weight off.  So I decided to try 3 month course of One Weight Loss Pill to lose the weight that I gained when I was pregnant with my youngest child and never managed to shed.

When I started taking One Weight Loss Pill, I noticed a difference right away. My appetite became manageable; I gained a lot of energy that helped me carry through my daily activities. I started losing weight as soon as the first week of taking the capsules. I made sure that I ate healthy, stayed hydrated all day long so that my body could dispose of the fat that was coming off. The effect was immeasurable, I finally started to lose weight!

Thank You, "One Weight Loss Pill"! Thank You "Young You" Corporation!

- Rima

Galina. I feel like never before.
I'm sending some pictures of me before and after i started taking YoungYou Weight Loss Pills. I am very thankful to your company and all employees for all your help. I feel like never before. Thank you very much, and I appreciate all your help.

- Galina

There is no way you look like you have 5 kids with being soo thin!
I just wanted to tell you that I am very very pleased with your diet product. I'm finishing up on my 2nd box and I feel great!! Now I have more energy to actually WANT to do excercises!! My co-workers and family has noticed a big change in me and they all want to know the secret. I've tried all the diet pills, drinks, etc and nothing has ever worked like your product. With me loosing this weight, everybody wants to know what my secret is...... My sisters and sister-in-laws are now actually ordering from you. Now more of my co-workers are interested in your product. I absolutely love your product just because it's actually REALLY helped me!!! My sisters and even my kids now say that I'm 'skinny' and 'thin'. Those words I have not heard in such a long time!!! Beleive me, I was super happy to hear them. My younger sister even said that she was soo 'jeleous'. I am 31 years old and have 5 kids...I recently had a baby now 9 months old. I gained a lot of weight having 5 kids and could never loose any pounds no matter what I did. Now with your product people come up to me and say 'There is no way you look like you have 5 kids with being soo thin!' Trust me, those words are music to my ears!!!

- Mai
Julia lost weight with YoungYou Weight Loss Pills
Over the years I tried so many different diets, weight-loss programs, pills, shakes, capsules, fat burners, energy increasers, etc. I spent so much money on all my efforts to lose weight, to look younger and better. But nothing worked. All those products promise a lot, but I was just wasting my money. I understood that to lose weight and keep it off, I need to consume fewer calories and burn more. But how to do that, if I don't have time for regular exercise, and I don't want to just eat salad the rest of my life? I like chocolate, cookies, and other treats; I knew that if I ate them too often there would be no way I could possibly lose weight, but I couldn't say no to myself, especially late at night.

I needed help. I was trying to find some product which could help me control my appetite, so I could eat anything I wanted, but a smaller portion, and feel full and satisfied. And thank God, I found it! YoungYou Weight Loss Pills!!!! In the three months since I began taking it, started losing weight! I'm so happy that I tried it, I feel free from my craving for sweets, and finally free of guilt to broken promises to myself. Just one capsule in the morning and you easily can say no to dessert, or at lunch with your girlfrends , you could say, " Fettucini Alfredo? Yuk! How can you eat that? It isn't healthy." And the most amazing thing is that you really would feel this way. Now I feel happy, healthy, beautiful, and I really enjoy the compliments I get. And I want to share with people who have the same problem I had. Try it; give yourself a chance! Now you can easily change your lifestyle!

- Sincerely, Julia
One Weight Loss Pill is the miracle slimming product!
I'm writing because One Weight Loss Pill changed my life and gave me the hope and second life. I never thought I can lose weight. I tried everything and never believed that any pill can help me.

One Weight Loss Pill is the miracle slimming product!

I'm writing this for people who lost their hopes of losing weight.

Look at my photos! One Weight Loss Pill is amazing capsules!!!

I wish you Good Luck!

My friends don't recognize me when they see me!
I never knew how wonderful and happy my lifestyle could be.

I've been overweight since I was young; when I would see beautiful, thin girls, of course, I wanted to have the same figure and be able to wear sexy, cool skirts, tops, and bathing suits. But it seemed impossible to me, because nothing I tried worked for me; even if I did lose a few pounds, they came back very quickly. So I decided I couldn't just diet all the time, and always be hungry, overstressed, and feel guilty about it.

When I bought One weight loss pills from YoungYou Corporation, I didn't really expect such great results. I didn't feel hungry all the time, so I could choose healthier food, which is good for my body and for my skin.

I really appreciate YoungYou Corporation and the Dali Company for helping me to change my life and turn it in a beautiful new direction. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

- Alina
YoungYou Weight Loss Pills. You can do it!
Thank you for YoungYou Weight Loss Pills. This products works really good. Really worked for me! For me it is very important that YoungYou Weight Loss Pills is 100% Natural Formula, because you are not only losing weight, but also maintaining your health.

- Sincerely, Olga.

This was me in December 2006 vs. June 2007.

- Thank you. Victoria

My life has changed
Thanks to YoungYou Weight Loss Pills, my life has changed.

I finally found a product that works without any side effect. I've tried many diet pills and other products. Most did not work and some had terrible side effects. When my friend told me about it I was a bit skeptical, but she reassured me and I tried it. I lost almost 20 lbs with no hustle!

- Yomery

Irina Lost Weight with YoungYou Weight Loss Pills!
Irina, San Diego

YoungYou Weight Loss Pills truly transformed my life
My name is Maria, and YoungYou Weight Loss Pills truly transformed my life. I always struggled with my weight. I am pretty energetic person, and never really ate too much, but it was always so hard to lose those extra pounds. I tried numerous diets, starved myself, did yo-yo dieting, but nothing ever worked until my friend told me about YoungYou Weight Loss Pills. At first I was pretty skeptical, but only after few days of taking YoungYou Weight Loss Pills I became a true fan of this miracle diet pill. I had more energy, had desire to be more physically active, and I can't even stop telling you how happy I was once I started fitting into my old 'skinny clothes'! I was so amazed with this product, I recommended it to my mother and many friends. It has been almost a year since I lost weight, and I am pretty much at the same weight as I was when I was done with my 3 months therapy. I gained about 5 pounds back, but this is pretty normal, especially my work became more sedentary in nature. Anyone can do this, and I definitely would recommend this product to anyone.

Thanks YoungYou Weight Loss Pills!

This is a wonderful product. It is a great feeling to be able to look at your self in the mirror and like what you see!!!!

With Love,

Larisa lost weight after taking YoungYou Weight Loss Pills

Now I completely trust your company because I tested on myself
Hi Alina,
Hope you remember me. My name is Oral. We talked through the phone about a week ago. I promised to send you some of pictures before and after. I attached them below. Once again I thank all of you for developing such kind a product like YoungYou Weight Loss Pills. The outer version the this product was extremely successful. Regarding to this product I was able to achieve my goal that I was longing to achieve. And here are the results as you can see in the picture.
Now I completely trust your company because I tested on myself. I gladly recommend to all of my friends, coworkers to try it.
I would appreciate if I would be able to get a new YoungYou Weight Loss Pills as a gift.
Wish you the best everything and properity YoungYou Corporation Inc.

Kindest regards,

Victoria Lost Weight with One Weight Loss Pill
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